The Tao of PR

Strategies to Win the PR War

A soldier with a machine gun can fire off hundreds of rounds, but that doesn’t mean he will hit his mark. That war strategy also applies to Public Relations. Just because a publicist can fire off hundreds of emails to journalists, that doesn’t mean he will succeed with media placements.

The Tao of PR takes the famous Chinese military treatise from the 5th Century BC and repositions these war strategies for a modern day strategic communications plan. Media strategies outlined in the book include advice on: Identifying a news-worthy narrative; Focusing on universal appeal; Preparing for telescopic aim; Creating urgency; and Identifying a solution.

The overarching themes of the Tao of PR include tactics outlined in the Art of War, like: I - Laying Plans; II - Waging War; III - Positioning; IV - Forces - Strengths and Weaknesses; V - Engaging the Force; VI - Adaptability; VII - Moving the Force; VIII - Situational Positioning; IX - The Attack; X - Spies and Advocates.

Many publicists and business owners wrongly believe “who you know" is a crucial strategy to securing media placements. That’s not a strategy; it is an assist. A journalist might take your call because he knows you, but if your strategy is weak, you will lose the media battle. It's also physically impossible to scale the message simply through contacts. No one – not even journalists inside the media – know everyone.

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